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Managing Partner

Alex has been angel investing in Latin America since 2016. He has invested as an angel in companies such as Bego, Fintual, Clara, Picap, Flat, Aplazo and 60+ others.
He is host of Fundadores, a podcasts in spanish about entrepreneurship with over 20,000 monthly downloads and frequently ranked in the top 10 entrepreneurship podcasts in the region. 



Luis is a wizard in everything relative to finance. He is a CFA Level III Candidate, and has previous experience in Venture Capital

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Company Mascot

Crypto has a great sense to find people that have what it takes to create a world-class company.

After living on the street for a couple of months, he decided to join the team at 99 Startups to help them find the best startups in transportation, logistics and obviously crypto markets.

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